November 28, 2005


I've built a couple of IMMS RPM files, source and binary,
contains a patch for allowing non-root build, binary is compiled with xmms queue control, rebuild it if it doesn't seem to work.
RPM supports XMMS and BMP.
IMMS rpms and some of their requirements, are over here.

may get updated when new versions are released.
updated 28/11/05: updated to IMMS 3.0
added sqlite rpms
Now only making FC4 rpms

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July 07, 2004

Really annoying spammers

Ok, it seems some idiot spammer is using my domain to send out Citibank scam mail, I've been recieving a trickle of bounces so far, and one hateful message.
let me point out that I am not sending these, if you've recieved one of these and would like to report it, I suggest you use the fine Spamcop service, which is free to use for reporting (altough they really don't mind if you do subscribe, gets you a few nice additional features and supports the anti-spam movement).

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April 04, 2004

spammers are annoying

bah, humbug.
have just disabled comments as cleaning up after the spammers became annoying, will fix it as soon as can be bothered, tho.

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June 09, 2003

A rant

I've recently paid for a Sprocket Data server, Unfortunatly for me, It's based on Redhat 9. (it would have been nice if their site had more information about which versions they actually use, I expected 7.3)
Redhat have somehow managed to create dependencies where none should exist, for example, it seems I need the Perl CGI module to install lynx.
My main problem is that I'm trying to install the Everything Engine.
things are looking better now,though
I've managed to get most of everything to build by now by ripping out perl 5.8.0 and all it's modules, gently convincing up2date the system is a 7.3 one and manually reinstalling perl 5.6.2, several wayward libraries and all needed modules.
tomorrow, I'll probably have to reinstall Apache, mod_perl and Everything, to boot.
update: pointed link to instead of, silly.

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March 25, 2003

Free Hackers Manifest

Just ran into the Free Hackers Manifest, now have a local copy here as I agree with it. wasted some time hyperlinking it and converting it to XHTML 1.0 Strict.

Free Hackers Manifest

pointless update: It's actually called the Free Hackers Manifest, updated to fix

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March 13, 2003


I must have been bored, really bored...
Tiling ASCII fish background, yeah.
tiling ><)))'>s
stupid example within.

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January 26, 2003


woo, to support the new MSSQL worm that's going around, my site now converted to use mySQL, so there!

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well, has now moved to geeklog, and now looks very nice but needs
1. A logo
2. Content, and
3. Users.
ah well, you can't win a mall...

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January 13, 2003

Jump and bump!

Just ran into Jump n Bump on my random net wanderings.
for those of you who do not know it, it is a cute gore-filled multiplayer game where each player plays a cute bunny, bent on on the destruction of other cute fluffy (did I mention fluffy?) bunnies.
blood and gore ensue

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January 10, 2003

bored artist strikes again

was bored, made this.
will it ever end?

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January 07, 2003

Tinfoil hat on!

Hey, I just made myself a THL distro, and it is good but not enough.
when I get some free time I'm going to add better wiping(memory and disk), more noise, better screen hiding and much more paranoia(and possibly do some UI work).
also had a patch of mine added to the Electricsheep screensaver, a new beta(10) of which is here.
our home linux router should now be alive, and I am considering adding mySQL to my hosting(mainly for the benefit of, though I'll prolly wouldn't bother if nobody will go there.
also attempting the construction of a spamtrap, which unfortunately I find myself in a very good position to make.
that's all for now, Hastur out.
(this post partially provided for by my palm, expect something like a better MT posting interface or palm client here soonish)

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December 24, 2002

well, should be up by now, currently only contains a blog as the main page and no distinction, but soon will be filled with (dis?)content!

probably DNS hasn't been updated yet, so if you can't get there via the usual methods, use the IP.

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December 11, 2002

ain't that cute?

was bored, made this piccie.
bleeding smiley
blame it on this site.
also, made first category post! woo! which doesn't help you one bit!

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December 10, 2002

minor backend work

working a bit on the blog, lesse if this here works...
Google searches now work, though hack is somewhat ugly, ask me if you want it.
perhaps I should ask amazon for a book about hacking or perhaps google will be of more assistance...?

oh well.
I should change the google macro to output in a prettier way, but not right now...

all this done using mt-macro and some changes done to so google search will accept parameters

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November 17, 2002


yep, the OSP awards are here.
well, not here really... rather over there.

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Some reworking

blog has been moved to the front page, and had layout evilly altered to suit my whim, should be slightly less annoying now.
also added paypal donation button, which should be somewhere on the page...
tell me if the layout is apalling, i'll change it, prolly

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October 27, 2002

yet another pointless update!

nah, just installed a new version of MovableType.
still don't like the default templates... this looks even worse... :/

Posted by Hastur at 11:58 PM

pointless update

still haven't found the time to update or add content, or change this really annoying layout with something halfway normal (or at least something that doesn't hurt as much).
looks like someone's checking my page daily (or it might be the bots... or is it me? :? )
it should be easier to use the friendly notify form on the news index page instead, at least till I start updating proper.
in other news, I'm starting a Discordian Cabal, it shall be called Black Cat Cabal, and be used for long range communication, thank you.

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October 07, 2002

annoying layout

Okay, I really hate the layout, and it's gonna change soon, I promise.
also I might swap this for the main page

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First Post!

well, this is my first post :)
more content coming soon :D

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